Monday, November 6

Hit the Club Feelin Fine V.I.P. Fuck the Line

(Me on the right and J.Y. in the middle, and Ray Allen on the far left)

This the first post My name is Ross I'm 20 from Chicago and I'm getting this blog together for a few reasons. Largley because I wanted to try my hand at this blogging and because I've been mooching off the efforts of others for the past 2 years, and feel like i need to give something back to the online community. Also posting on this site will by my good friend J.Y. he will bring many good things to this site, he has an in-depth knowledge of the rap genre, as well as thnohe tec/ house genre. J.Y. is from Chicago as well. To summarize the future content of this We are going to divide our energy between 3 main areas, Music being (Rap/techno/house), articles of clothing, and Life. Aight, here goes...

To explain these pictures, A.J. And B-Eazy are two cats I know who are just getting into the Miami FL rap scene. They're both 20-21 ish from Chicago and I feel strongly that they are talented. You can be the judge, but I would not sleep on this one if you can help it. Guarenteed to blow up the party at all costs.

escuchar: A.J. and B-Eazy

"305, We Reside. Where you find snow in July"
My OpinionB-Eazy AKA Bart Baker, produced the newest track "We Rollin", which I feel is for sure play worthy, I would give it 9 or 10 out of 10 considering it's the 5th song ever produced by the group. The lyrics and chorus are both excellent, however the beat also does it's justice, very professional.

The other guy you see in the picture is A.J. AKA Austin Smith, also from Chicago. He brings the heat lyrically but from talking to them, Bart is on both the production and the lyrics and is beginning to pave the way for this new rap duo.
Another track which I have on repeat is "Glistening". This one is a more relaxed hit but still keeps you constantly bouncing. I see it along the same lines as the classic Still D.R.E. and by no means on the same level but definitley in the direction. A more likley comparison, I see similaraties between their lycical style and the rapping style of S.P.M. (South Park Mexican). Def, Check out the myspace page one more time. I wouldn't mind some opinions from anybody about the aforementioned artists. post it up. also, I'm sorry that I can't host an mp3 at this time but I will get you guys one track if they're is any interest shown in them. so make that be an incentive to any of yall to leave me some comments.

(Stetching my shit out at The Elms last weekend sipping stella no doubt.)
(Shout out to Ashley for doing up my myspace.)


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