Tuesday, March 20

Hey mister, listen to Kid Sister

Alright, so it's tuesday and things are going well. Like when you get a haircut and a hour or so later if you didn't shower, your start to itch due to the hair which is in your shirt and on your neck, some female MC's are just plain annoying. But I have been listening to Kid Sister from Chicago latley and let me say these tracks speak for themselves.

Kid Sister-Damn Girl (produced by A-Trak)
Kid Sister-Pro Nails (produed By A-Trak)
(she got her toes done up with her fingernails matching)
Kid Sister-let me bang XXXchange remix
this stuff is gold, the real stuff, not fools gold.

Digitilism for BJ mostly, get it GET It. SOUND SOO GOOD i wish it would never end, seriously i could listen to this song while doing just about anything. Raking, Commuting, walking, you name it



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