Saturday, August 11

New Pictures, Underground, Metropark, Keg, Mcgees, The Manor, J. Barleycorn, Lollapalooza, Goodbar, Gardenwalk, and some from Charlies Apt.

Pictures from the last week or so are up here

This Evening was a muggy Thursday, especially being in such a close proximity to the chocolate factory. I noticed earlier, the smell is unmistakeable. it almost satisfies a late night hunger but not as much as the rock and roll macdonalds can. I realized that bouncers are like actors in a movie or tv show, they have a part to play and they do often to perfection like today at the Manor. I always wonder if they take their role of bouncer with attitude home with them, do they attempt to tell tall tales and enforce unwritten dress codes at their homes? well off to sleep, 2 finger rings all around hit me on the g mail.


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