Monday, November 6

Monday Update= Money Update

Buenas Noches, this post is double pronged, The first is to show the highlights of my weekend, and the second, is to make you aware of some good clothing. Let me begin

Right Here is the Real Mr. Plastic (Stacey Augmon)
Below is the Original Mr. Plastic whom I know nothing about

The 3rd night of HollerWeen my costume was especially weak, however if you want to see the real costumes look at this Or This one,
The best group collaborations I saw were A.) Fanta and B.) Legends of the Hidden Temple (sorry no link on that one)
Clothing Label of the moment, I have been very impressed recently with the Tee's made by designer Acapulco Gold obviously out of NYC. So impressed that I have been wearing the same T 3 days.
you can cop some of these Tee's from Boundless NY
or the newly discovered Catalytic Attack However Mind the exchange rate...
To keep in touch with new offerings on a timley basis you can always see what Reed'space is up to!

Myself (Left) with Tawni (Center) and Margaret (Right)

Un Grande Bailar Euro Fiesta esta proxima semana, especialidad Viernes.
Big D.P. this Friday for Meg's 21'st Theme: Still to be announced


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Love those Fanta girls.

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