Thursday, September 20


A New Mix by Millions Billions is out it is entitled-DO THIS EVERY WEEKEND it is hot.

Millions Billions-Do this every weekend.
this one is a banger for the workout, or the house party. I have tried both.

I hate to cloud up the post with some Britney Spears but i must
(i make no reccomendations about this song, im just putting it out there,

Britney Spears-Been A While

Alright Ladies and Wentz.

some hot and new tracks for you to listen to during a party, or a workout. the possibilities are endless. the first one i feel a little bit guilty about posting because i fear it will become instantly overplayed. but, as Katt Williams says "what are you gonna do?"
Here is the shit, new group called BANGER AND CASH, what better right?

Banger and Cash )feat. amanda Blank)-LOOSE

Soulja Boy-Shootout 2007

Now we have the nuggets, NEW CHROMEO

Chromeo-Outta Sight 2007

this is the funk, dont listen to it unless you are prepared to dance.

two justices

Justice Feat. pase Rock-Waters of Nazareth (STEVE AOKI REMIX)


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