Wednesday, November 8

Ice Cream Sneakers, I signed my first skater

The new Gucci December series loafers have been spotted...

The Judge packing grappleberry

nip/tuck party

Now peep the artwork from the box they came in... "intriguing"

A.) These kicks are the new Rolland Berry's for more info visit
I am obviously a big supporter, however my opinion is fairly biased due to my ownership of a pair. to wrap this section up I think the man does good work.. I'm in talks with Mr. Berry and hopefully will have an interview with the man sometime soon.

A V.2) Next order of business is to drop my new hot song of the moment. I discovered it while reading my go to blog for french influence FLUOKIDS or for those of you who dont know how to compute. They posted this track by Donnie Sloan-entitled Call you up! "RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE TARGET AS"
and I can't stop playing this shit. I don't know why but if I could have a soundtrack to my life.... well let's just say that would be awesome. I would definitley like to have a soundtrack playing all the time where the songs reflect my mood at the time.
And to wrap this shit up as Chapelle would say, I want to comment on fluokids new concept called "fluokids girl of the week" Its obviously brilliant and they are geniouses for thinking of it first.. let that be said.

P.s. I am issuing a money back guarentee on this song so if you don't like it than you get your money back.
Thank you Ace Ventura..

B. ) I was listening to skateboard P, aka Pharrell and I realized that the song "can I have it like that" has excellent lyrics "Little skateboard, he too grown, riding up and down collins with that new two-tone"... wow. "while I'm on my boat party trying to sunseeek" possibly best gwen stephani song. notice I'm not even capitalizing her name..... nuff said.

Speaking of Pharrell, the young man is releasing a skateboard video. you see these ice creams,
to peep that shhhiizzzz you can click clack here

C.) I was watching Bet today with my homeboy Jacob and saw this music video come on. called dangerous with Ying Yang, and Wyclef, you can hear it right heeeerreee
however. both Mr. Steinle and myself thought the song was especially weak and this is
OUR FIRST OFFICIAL PLASTIC-MAN HATING.. thats right were hating on "Dangerous" by Ying Yang Twins and Wyclef. "if you don't know, now you know"


Blogger Tha Judge said...

That glass of Hateorade is half full on that track for sho muthafucka...take no part in sippin it down any futher because it will kill you like that hemlock... that same shit that made Socrates drop. Now you can bet that.

6:30 PM  
Blogger frenchtron300 said...

Rose I gotta say, you went kind of faggy with those new kicks. But if thats your style then keep it up.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Rosecrans said...

your just being bitter

12:17 AM  

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