Friday, January 12

Check the STEEZ

here is something i read which put a smile on my face.

here's the typical i am a dj and i'm going to a party steez:
1) head straight to the dj booth
2) give the dj a pound
3) assume relaxed position around or near the dj booth (proximity to booth depends on how well you know the DJ)
4) sulk around said area while everyone else is having a good time.
5) if the dj plays a song, that you as a dj agree with, raise your hand, and bob your head several times in a most righteous fashion, maybe even give the dj your nod of approval or some M.P.A. (more pound action)... but no dancing!
6) action of the night: another dj arrives in said area, all the assembled djs give him exaggerated M.P.A. Word up bro!
7) resume sulking
8) gets no tang.
9) one of the djs in said area pops out a blunt, everyone smokes it like a gay porn.
10) still no tang.
11) outtro M.P.A.
12) leave drunk, stoned and alone.

well here's the new shit:
go to the party and fucking have fun.
dance your fucking ass off.
talk to that girl you've been staring at all night.
do some blow if you have to!
that's your new year's resolution dj brethren.
im retired...


Anonymous Cara said...

ross, I'm happy to see you are already posting from Luxe... I laughed at the steez, i can imagine you following these rules at some club in luxe. i dont really understand the sequence of pictures though.

2:19 PM  

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