Wednesday, December 13

Thursday night Miami, Friday night Chicago

Alright Chicos and Chicas,

Here is the party lineup. I am currently studying for BLS, however upon completion of this materials there will be an amazing party lineup. FIRST THURSDAY NIGHT, PARTY AT TRIAD apartments, HOT MUSIC WILL BE PLAYED.
it starts at 9:30

SECOND, SATURDAY NIGHT. PARTY DOWNTOWN AT ENCLAVE. (preparty at Frenchtrons tiny apartment at canterbury place. )

THIRD DECEMBER 21, MUSTACHE BASH (swank cocktail party at Blomberg's house mustaches are neccessary if you are a guy. and also wear a freaking tuxedo please and don't dissapoint.)
I'm about to go crazy with old school pics, so just warning you


Blogger frenchtron300 said...

Yeah, I lose my apartment on Friday. It's too bad. I'll try to make it happen furthermore, I am going to the Green Mill on Saturday.

10:43 PM  

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