Sunday, November 19

I want one!

"Alrighty then"
-Ace Venture Pet Detective
Andrew Fence. There has been a new Common song, it's called I have a dream (Right click and Save Target As) Thank you spine mag IT WILL NOT DISSAPOINT also, didn't you introduce me to common? well here is a little present, it's commons album from 92, 2 years before Ressurection.
heres Can I borrow a dollar?

And another one.. "I'm A Dirty Dog" -Pharrell
Here is the uncut XXX rated Lapdance music video by N.E.R.D. the dudes who made skateboarding cool once again.

This one made me laugh so. I had to post it, rules are rules. Lebron is king of cleveland For the new NAS&JAY-Z track with out the freakign gomes brothers yelling all over the track you can click here thanks do discobelle
"I like this song"

and another one...
still trying to cop some bapes but to make things easier. THE clipse album is "vida pura" which translates directly into life pure. but the costa rican's have made it a principle which many of them live by.
BoundlessNY is at it again this time with a limited edition skateboard set very nice and very very custom made.... Frenchtron3030 do you know any new yorkers that can aquire one of these very very pretty deck & poster combos? rumor has it they come with 100 % pure gold trucks...


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