Thursday, November 9

"All I Wanna Do is Ride Around Shining. While I'm shoveling the snow, man call me frosty lover." -The Clipse

New K-Fed, I couldn't resist thanks to Call me Mickey. COP THAT HERE You Send It.

And now for the real music.

FOR this ever so dope mix click here
and follow the instructions, but there is new mickey avalon on the piece.
So as I was doing my morning reading over at Discobelle and I came across this exclusive discobelle mix courtesy of Dj Klever From Atlanta GA. It's so hot it will burn a hole in your ipods for sure. Play it in a hot non-airconditioned room, Loud. on myspace here

the tracklist is below

disco belle intro……(klever)
1. justin timberlake - my love
2. the outfield/dj roctakon - your love
3. egyptian lover - egyptain lover/klever cuts
4. steed lord - dirty mutha fucka
5. spank rock - sweet talk
6. mr.postman - b-more
7. death from above - sexy results (mstrkrft edition)
8. junior senior - shak your coconuts (dfa remixxx)
9. ludacris - roll out
10. trick daddy - drop (low low low)
11. outkast - bombs over bagdad (klever remixxx)
12. she wants revenge vs bone crusher - (klever edit)
13. peaches vs. cadillac don and j-money - hit it hard/peanut butter and jelly (klever edit)
14. micky avalon - waiting to die
15. outkast - so fresh and so clean
16. tweet vs. billy idol - call me (klever remixxx)
(one of the best rap albums of all time no question)

(looks like an frenchtron parking job, it is even a forerunner what?)

While youre at it, check the new Clipse from Still Listen
it's called Ride Around Shining and it is right HERE
nuff said.
Listen to Mr. Postman


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