Friday, November 17

Club Nights is One of the Reasons I Love Life

SO I'm going to sleep now. It's 5:01 in the A.M. and I have had a nice night discussing life with Steven Stade. Sorry to say the pictures will not be up until Stade gives me the hardware. Que Buena Suerte! Seriously I intend to post more deep thoughts, reflections on current events.. ect... although i did freestyle battle some guy outside stadium. Too bad there were no judges, have talk to M. Gold about that one. "I got no nephews or nieces, all my clothing looks like reeses pieces"

It's interesting to see who run's shit here these days.

For a good song , you can click this Thanks to Discobelle again. Tru
The new clipse can be found here. Thanks to the SMOKING SECTION. BEST WEBSITE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB. and because the T-shirt company hasn't kicked off yet. cop a smoking section t (RMF) Respect. My . Fresh.

No quiero Agua, Yo Quiero Bebida. Let me begin.

This week has been of epic proportions, and let me get right to it.

Jay-Z (aka the godfather) has been dissin Jim Jones (aka. my favorite new rapper) and Jay just released a song Brooklyn High (Z-Share) YSI thanks to Still Listen.

heres some of the quotables Thank you

Jim Jones: Personally? It’s a couple feelings. To get Jay-Z to bite the bullet was a hell of a chess game, ‘cause he thinks he’s always playin’ chess. So right now, [I got a] check for his ass, ‘cause he sold for the bait. He said Jim Jones’ name a couple weeks ago on HOT 97, that was his first mistake, nobody ever thought he’d do that – If I’m supposedly not on his level, when he’s supposed to be this rich dude and such this gangsta. [laughs] That was his first mistake. And then he bit the bullet and did the remix to “We Fly High” [titled “Brooklyn High”], which I appreciate. He did two verses, and that registers as BDS, ‘cause it’s over two minutes. [Editor’s Note: BDS is Broadcast System Data, which records the frequency of a song’s play on a radio station] So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna put my verse to it, then we got the official Jim Jones [and] Jay-Z remix. He ain’t even spittin’ right on that joint, so he kinda disappointed me ‘cause I thought he would’ve came harder. But for the people, I’m gonna put my verse on it tonight, so we gonna have the official Jay-Z [and] Jim Jones remix, and I’m gonna have it tomorrow. The BDS is already runnin’, so I appreciate you Jay, givin’ me extra BDS. That’ll probably take me up another thousand spins or something like that.

Next up we got the new clipse cd. This one brings a tear to my eye. actually. I am crying right now. Tears of Happiness. cop this in a quick second and listen to it. I would confidently say that I like this cd very much. I will post the link lata hata.


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