Monday, November 13

So I got mentioned on the billboard

followed by is a song which is worthy of dancing in a hot non airconditoned room in the summer. By Klever the killer (myspace here). and one more track by Steel lord (myspace) you can cop it here

Jay-Z and Gates Discussing the A.J. and B-eazy's new songs.

To read the article of the highly acclaimed by Plastic-Man, A.J. and B-eazy article on billboard with a quote by me in the article go HERE

New Bloc Party I'm Trying to get my hands on.

Get ready for this shit.


Blogger frenchtron300 said...

I don't agree with your endorsement of B-Eazy and AJ though some of their songs are comical (Blowin Up) there are hella better things you could be cloggin this blog up with. For example more of those females underneath Jay-Z there.

8:50 PM  

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