Wednesday, November 29

Goldeneye Line

Here is an attempt at the old Klobb have a look. Like some Dick Tracy shit.


Blogger Rosecrans said...

I think the design is good. are you not going to include the entire gun? either way the klobb is a nice thrownback. I thought a good idea would be to make one quick design and print some of them and also just say Plastic-Man on the front chest or something. In addition they should say in big letters coming _____(whatever month/ season we plan the release. 07 ect.) also the idea of a logo stick figure with a hat. or something of the likes.

My final point is to adress the idea of one Zachary Novak. He has posed in interest working with the plastic man & co. He claims that he can be a consultant and bring in a more European style than we have originally intended. These issues can be adressed at a later date.

2:25 PM  

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