Thursday, December 7

It's All Fun and Games untill Somebody Gets Fly

Gotta roll deep especially with the haters in the alley (roast beef)

By the way before you read on. download this and enjoy the some discobelle goodness
DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save target as) thanks d. Belle


1. Technics - I Just Wanna Fuck
2. Tittsworth - Rick James
3. Basement Jaxx - Lollipop
4. Johnny Dangerous - I Beat that Bitch With a Bat
5. Soundmaster T - 2 Much Booty in the Pants (Boom Shakka Remix)
6. Smalltown DJs - Adonis Bends Down
7. The Temptations - Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Cosmo Baker Mix)
8. Sean Paul - Temperature
9. Ludacris - Girls Gone Wild
10. Federation - 18 Dummy
11. Lady Sovereign - Love me or Hate Me (Missy Elliott Remix)
12. Soul of Man - Sukdat
13. Tom Neville - Just Fuck (Sandy W Remix)
14. Twista/Mylo - Overnight Celebrity
15. Sharam - Party All The Time (Tocadisco Remix)
16. INXS - Dream On Black Girl (Muttonheads Remix)
17. Adam Freeland - Heel and Toe (feat. Juice Aleem & Toastie)
18. Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
19. Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix)
20. Secret Weapons - Bumps
21. Bloc Party/Lil Jon - Get Low Helicopter (Robbie Revenge Mashup)

and for one track to give your life a jump start during the dreary days of finals
A CLASSIC REWORKED (z-share, just click the link and follow the directions) thanks

Pusha: "Flow chameleon/ Worth by the million/ Sell the Bolivian/ Feds in oblivion/ Bitch Brazilian/ Purse reptilian/ Took her from off her island like Gilligan"
This is an example of why the Clipse runs stuff these days.

Caliente noches en la calle.
Kelsey and Christina, and myself, loving life. For the rest of these photos check webshots
Andrew/ aka frenchtron 300 loving bowling.

To get things started.
It is thursday and there is a light dusting of snow. bueno.
I found this song on fluokids. it is definitley a potential Techno Hit.
The Whip - Muzzle NO.1 (Shadow dancer Remix)
play at a loud volume preferably during the P.m. hours.
(once again, Right Click, & Save Target As...)
thank you fluokids.

" Soon as you get your heart involved thats where I fall back love, Au Revoir"

(look who's sporting the deep V) holla P. Man



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