Sunday, December 10

Unsystematic Ideas


Considering the circumstances involving the mass academia, several fly events were missed this past weekend in my homeboy Rosecrans' hometown... to very much dismay. Check it...

Lil' Wayne and Clipse in the windiest city...

Also, Guns'N'Funkin'Bombs @ Smartbar ft. the WORLD famous DJ Funk (not to mention the likes of his fellow MC's Guns'N'Bombs and Vyle)... they were the truth on Decemeber 7.

Apocalypto. Follow Jaguar Paw through his heroic journey, but don't expect to eat much after.

Get ready for the drop off next Saturday... Chicago will fuckin' pay for showin' us up.

Go 'head an marinate on that...

Palms Out Sounds for an extraordinary Remix Sunday.

"Look i'm the shit / I should walk around with Pampers on me
Caked up / I should walk around with candles on me" -L. Wayne


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