Thursday, January 18

Pleasant Photography/ Musique

Here's the hot traxxxx of the minute. "I'm a CEO, I'm a self employed CEO"- Chamillionare

Chamil track here called Not a Criminal! right click and save target as
(thanks to spine mag)

A New Mims track called MIMS-I Did you Wrong right click and save target as (very good) from fluokids

Andy will like this one much... NEW CAMRON and im not frontin.

Cam feat. hell Rell- Cha ching cha ching
(right click , save target as)
again from the fluokids

For some seriously relaxed musique, check this shiiitt from discobelle
Air France-Beach Party (Stienle will love this one)

I have just discovered a most talented photographer I wanted to share with you all,
his name is Bastien Lattanzio. and his blog, which can now be found on our links section is also here

Bastien Lattanzio!!!!


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