Sunday, April 15

The Teenagers, and Ed Banger and CREAM

Federico Franchi- Cream
this is a banger no doubt about it. just try not to have it in your head for the next 2 weeks. I dare you
A couple more worthwhile listens

Timbaland Feat. Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake-Laff at em (give it to me Remix)
Digitalism April 2007 Promo Mix (EXCELLENT COMPOSOTION)
this mix will brighten your mood and your day.
this song is proclaimed to become a classic, for whatever time you want, the party or the afterparty, the best case sceneario however is driving on a warm day with the windows down sporting some fresh sunglasses. these guys are quite the talk latley, and do not sleep on this one.
The Teenagers-Homecoming

well, Let me ride.

I just got back from snowbombing and gee. it was amazing, Ed banger was there and other amazing dj's i learned about drum n bass, and that shit is hot. anybody who knows good stuff, drop a message on this post and inform me please. check these videos and pics.

and last. ghostriding the whip in stockholm


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