Monday, April 23

"Greed is Good" - Gordon Gekko

I am on my way back to Luxembourg after spending a few days in London with my Plastic-Man associate Brandon. We had a good time, and made several observations.

1.) Life isn't fair.
All weekend long we observed the extreme difference in living conditions between the upper and lower class'. It was a very important experience for myself and it changed my views on several topics which I had learned earlier in life, and been taught by people I had worked with in the past. You will not see the extreme prevalence of wealth and sports cars anywhere else in the world. I saw a 45 year old homeless man rifling through a trash can, and also saw the Ferrari Enzo, countless Maserati's and Bentleys, driving around like it was nothing. I never thought I would say this but in London driving a porsche doesn't even make people notice you. I unfortunatley must change my extreme bias towards Chicago. I realize that there is a direct correlation between hard work and success, and I am in a unique time in life when I haven't set a course yet, and haven't entered a career. The only thing I know is that I want to be in Finance and make a lot of money. Well after having drinks with somebody in the field who is immensely successful I have decided that my priorities need a changing. Senior year is going to be focused much more on studying than I had planned. I have even changed my dream job from Financial Advising to something else. never thought I would say that. There is nothing underrated about being intense and wanting it all. Gordon Gekko, besides the illegality is a genious, although a character in a movie. Alright, Oliver Scott. I will end for now with these words "Greed is Good"


Blogger harshie said...

wow, this is a big decision...i want to hear more about the life changing experiences.

1:10 PM  
Blogger zachly said...

what the hell are you talking about?

2:24 PM  

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