Friday, May 11

Sex with Robots in the 80's

Straight out of 1986'


Kavinsky had some issues with the alcohol content of his C.D deck but was able to squeeze some Atlantis to Interzone out of the busted thing.

Surkin respecting the crowd!

Stand up say Ed Banger! Check this mix spun by a talented Manchurian D.J among the robots.
Scott B-Bangerrs and Mashh

Being born in the time, I must say yes to this track. It's about time the decade gets a little recognition. Word to the wise, don't listen to this one too many times or it will haunt both your dreams and nightmares. I mean its a damn catchy one!

Calvin Harris-Acceptable in the 80's
More to come after next weeks Ed Banger Party at Fabric.

Pick up some of these awfully fresh t's by Ed Banger designer So Me at Printed by exclusive japanese label Revolver and are clearly here for a limited time.


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