Friday, May 25

Girl of the Week

This post is going to be expanded on in the next day but for now, It is late and after hours of deliberation Plastic-Man has crowned it's first Girl of the Week in 2007. This is an extremely honorary award to be earned, and the stress is not on the short time frame of the award, as it is only a week long, but on the prestige inherently associated with being awarded the title "Girl of the Week". Despite two less than desirable chip selections (one cannot use Tostitos to dip in French onion dip, and for that matter a request for ruffles, should not be fully satisfied when recieving a bag of Lay's instead although they may have gentle waves, they are by no means in the same league as ruffles, who are well known for their "Ridges". These awards are by no means weekly, as we must only give the girl of the week title to those whom have demonstrated above average greatness.


Blogger zachly said...

well, you're gonna have to elaborate on that, cuz she looks like a bitch to me

8:47 AM  
Blogger harshie said...

i would change the placement of "plastic man, girl of the week" on the first pic or change the color. you can hardly see it

1:31 AM  

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