Saturday, May 12

Good Morning You Pieces of Plastic

I know people. You haven't been feeling much of the F-Tron for the past couple of months but Tron-Tron has been swimming in the drama for about two months straight. His emotions were turned on (Check out that song The Boss by Diana Ross). Here are some highlights for you plastic fans of the French man:

Black Cherry Smirnoff, Watermelons and Mexican Borders

When in Nogales get raw and talk to the girls with the slutty pumps.

The Winter Ball: Aftermath

Limited edition poster by yours truly Frenchtron

So you're here. Welcome to Frenctron2007.


Blogger harshie said...

Yo this is Rosecrans commenting in tandem with harshie god posting. those times look fancy. i got word of the poster you designed and i didn't know what to think.. until i saw it. very nice. "on second thought, i will cop those bapes." -harshie. "for half price." -rosecrans. good times are rolling, just listen to the verbage on freejay's postings he is on to something. keep the rumor mill churning and is bound to drop as school begins next year. full line. chicago massive.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Rosecrans said...

By the way here is a very nice L. Weezy feat. Robin Thicke Track, entitled Shooter

7:49 AM  

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