Thursday, June 28

Miami Bass the new Hyphy





people of plastic,  here is a requested audio clip of L. Weezy getting a bj

Dropping Knowledge-Lil Wayne

Sunday, June 17

I beat Bowser at 5 am ohio time

Javy golfing his heart out

Friday, June 15

And you know T.I. & TIP have got something cookin on the stove

have you heard of these guys???

Wednesday, June 13

Fabolous Rap City Freestyle very good from yesterday

New Fallout Boy Thanks for the MMRS remixes

Thnks Fr The Mmrs (The Linbergh Palace Edit)
Thnks Fr The Mmrs (Lenny B Short Term Memory)
Thnks Fr The Mmrs (Lenny B Edit)
Thnks Fr The Mmrs (The Linbergh Palace Remix)
Thnks Fr The Mmrs (The Linbergh Palace Mix W/ DJ Intro)
Thnks Fr The Mmrs (Lenny B Long Term Memory)
Thnks Fr The Mmrs (Lenny B Club Mix)
Thnks Fr The Mmrs (The Linbergh Palace Dub)

All the individual tracks can be gotten here

and can be obtained here in one zip file

Lil Wayne-La La La

best weezy as of late

impressive very impressive

Saturday, June 9

And let there be Payroll

New Benassi!!!!? no way

Underdog Project-Girls of Summer (Benny Benassi Remix)

Payroll and BendBeatz rock the mic


(highly reccomended very very nice on the ears)

Enrique Iglesias feat. Lil Wayne-Push

Payroll Friday Night 6.08 Freestyle

mp3 coming soon

Wednesday, June 6

A Little Something Like Sam Cassell

Pase Rock-So Fucking Disco

Need I say more this song is the summarazation of everything we be standing for although it is not perfectly composed. still it vocalizes the psyche of most of my peers.

Plastk. This weekend we're going to Chicago big time. come one come all.

Getting Carpal Tunnel from all the bills we be counting

can I borrow a dollar?


Sunday, June 3

Short & Sweet

Swedens finest, Kocky and Babyman visiting the Daft Punk Offices. very very sexy.

Somebody requested a kanye daft punk uppin, so here is it,.

Kanye West-harder faster etc.

Saturday, June 2

For the ₤ove of MON€Y!

1,106.18 Carats on my neck! Deemed the most expensive piece of contemporary art, London shock artist Damien Hirst has unveil his piece titled "For the Love of God" this week at the White Cube gallery in Mayfield. Made of nothing but platinum, "ethically" sources diamonds and human teeth, this piece of life is going for £50 million (99m USD). As for the buyer, I could see Little Wayne sporting this on the hood of his Phantom.

Norwegian electro trio Datarock do just that, bringing down the roof under the Manchester train station last sunday. The single "computer camp love" provides slow moving pop joy with it's remembrance of American style and harmonious vocals. Here's a more compromising track re-spun by Para One:

Datarock - I Used to Dance with my Daddy (Para One)

Some Portuguese public graffiti, the mind himself on the left.

Man gets stylized mullet in the streets of Manchester while the cameras roll. Some people just get lucky.

News just in!! Cop your funky fresh Ed Banger tee at Milkcrate NYC

Friday, June 1

aNYthing Goes The Megapost

"Let's get lost tonight, you can be my black Kate Moss Tonight" -Kanye West
Photography Plastic-Man
These following Armand Van Helden Tracks are excellent for listening perhaps as you are getting ready to go out for a rawkus evening on the town, dressed fresh to death, hanging out with the flyest of honeys. For those nights you want to be brought back to your 90's roots these beats will do it. note, also great for driving with the windows down.
all these tracks are off of GHETTOBLASTER 2007

Armand Van Helden-Go Crazy (F. Majida)

Armand Van Helden-I want your soul

Armand Van Helden-All Nite (F. La Rocka)

Armand Van Helden-Still in Love (F. Karmen)

On a similar note, I give you a impressive DJ of electronica from Sweden named Mr. Suitcase. His beats are less intense than the average, but still melodic enough narrate your most exotic and memorable dreams. These beats are pure form, Techno as it was meant, so in other words, sleeping on this (although it's not new) would be like sleeping through your first time, of whatever.

Mr. Suitcase-After Winters Rain and Ruin

Mr. Suitcase- Christmas Leftovers (unarmed enemies remix)

A guilty pleasure of mine

here's the link for all yall no music having tryin to cop a free mp3 pickle eatin Weezy and Thicke Lovin Plastic People.
Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke-Shooter

Alright here is Mylo-In My Arms video is GOODLIFE!!!!!!

Newly proclaimed summer anthem "Supafly-Moving Too Fast" mp3