Monday, April 23

"Greed is Good" - Gordon Gekko

I am on my way back to Luxembourg after spending a few days in London with my Plastic-Man associate Brandon. We had a good time, and made several observations.

1.) Life isn't fair.
All weekend long we observed the extreme difference in living conditions between the upper and lower class'. It was a very important experience for myself and it changed my views on several topics which I had learned earlier in life, and been taught by people I had worked with in the past. You will not see the extreme prevalence of wealth and sports cars anywhere else in the world. I saw a 45 year old homeless man rifling through a trash can, and also saw the Ferrari Enzo, countless Maserati's and Bentleys, driving around like it was nothing. I never thought I would say this but in London driving a porsche doesn't even make people notice you. I unfortunatley must change my extreme bias towards Chicago. I realize that there is a direct correlation between hard work and success, and I am in a unique time in life when I haven't set a course yet, and haven't entered a career. The only thing I know is that I want to be in Finance and make a lot of money. Well after having drinks with somebody in the field who is immensely successful I have decided that my priorities need a changing. Senior year is going to be focused much more on studying than I had planned. I have even changed my dream job from Financial Advising to something else. never thought I would say that. There is nothing underrated about being intense and wanting it all. Gordon Gekko, besides the illegality is a genious, although a character in a movie. Alright, Oliver Scott. I will end for now with these words "Greed is Good"

Sunday, April 15

The Teenagers, and Ed Banger and CREAM

Federico Franchi- Cream
this is a banger no doubt about it. just try not to have it in your head for the next 2 weeks. I dare you
A couple more worthwhile listens

Timbaland Feat. Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake-Laff at em (give it to me Remix)
Digitalism April 2007 Promo Mix (EXCELLENT COMPOSOTION)
this mix will brighten your mood and your day.
this song is proclaimed to become a classic, for whatever time you want, the party or the afterparty, the best case sceneario however is driving on a warm day with the windows down sporting some fresh sunglasses. these guys are quite the talk latley, and do not sleep on this one.
The Teenagers-Homecoming

well, Let me ride.

I just got back from snowbombing and gee. it was amazing, Ed banger was there and other amazing dj's i learned about drum n bass, and that shit is hot. anybody who knows good stuff, drop a message on this post and inform me please. check these videos and pics.

and last. ghostriding the whip in stockholm

Sunday, April 8

This Is Why I'm Cold

The Klaxons throw it down on Gravity's Rainbow, and with some serious mixing, its like an orgasm in between your ears... club banger after club banger, these Swede's know how to rock

Klaxons - Gravitys Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)

Also check out:
Armand Can Helden just being rediculous on NYC Beat (thanks MSTRKRFT)

M.I.M.S needs to watch out for the dry ice... Twista & R. Kelly - This Is Why I'm Cold

Some pretty real house with DJ Mehdi, given the switch treatment... check it and turn the volume up for I am Somebody (Switch Remix)

On the dance floor I am a world class freak... it's the beat. Simian Mobile Disco - It's the Beat (Luke Vibert mix)

Only appropriately... D.O.C. - The Grande Finale

Something older I came upon:
U2 - I'll Be With You Again (DJ Eli Remix)

Ross, I'm movin' into Boogie first weekend of May, I say first come first serve...