Friday, September 28

New Cool Kids Thanks though

ohh wee

you can thank me later

Justice Brings you a party-playable version of DVNO

Justice-DVNO (radio edit) (raw mp3 right Click save target as)
you can thank me later.

Wednesday, September 26

Geek Week 2007

Monday, September 24

great Kocky Video it really warms the heart

Sunday, September 23

new digitalism video by

First of all here is the new WILL.I.AM Record, Songs About Girls and the password is plasticman

Will.I.Am-Songs About Girls 2007 (plastic-man early release) media fire hot to trot

by bastien lattanzio et guillaume

Now playing: Lifelike, Kris Menace - Discopolis - Original
via FoxyTunes

Saturday, September 22

Interesting Remix of M.J.'s Thriller By Chicago Legend VYLE!!!!

Thursday, September 20


A New Mix by Millions Billions is out it is entitled-DO THIS EVERY WEEKEND it is hot.

Millions Billions-Do this every weekend.
this one is a banger for the workout, or the house party. I have tried both.

I hate to cloud up the post with some Britney Spears but i must
(i make no reccomendations about this song, im just putting it out there,

Britney Spears-Been A While

Alright Ladies and Wentz.

some hot and new tracks for you to listen to during a party, or a workout. the possibilities are endless. the first one i feel a little bit guilty about posting because i fear it will become instantly overplayed. but, as Katt Williams says "what are you gonna do?"
Here is the shit, new group called BANGER AND CASH, what better right?

Banger and Cash )feat. amanda Blank)-LOOSE

Soulja Boy-Shootout 2007

Now we have the nuggets, NEW CHROMEO

Chromeo-Outta Sight 2007

this is the funk, dont listen to it unless you are prepared to dance.

two justices

Justice Feat. pase Rock-Waters of Nazareth (STEVE AOKI REMIX)

Tuesday, September 18

Tuesday Night Post Dude n' Em-Watch my feet



50, Jay-Z and Diddy-I GET MONEY REMIX

many more below,

So, Back the the lecture at hand, any of you who have been hanging out with the posse in the last few weeks have noticed all the juking, and you may be asking yourselves, what is the juke? whats going on? is it hard? well the answer lies as usual on youtube.

These two are signed to a label in Chicago TVT RECORDS. Chyea.

the track is here for Alex W. as well as others
Dude 'n' Nem - Watch My feet (mp3 Right Click and Save target as)
Two Other Classic Traxxx when I say classic, i mean CLASSIC!
The Ronettes-Be My Baby
The Ronettes-why won't they let us fall in love

Sunday, September 16

Fun weekend

DISCOPOLIS By Lifelike and Kris Menace

Tuesday, September 11


Le Mustache Bash.

benzi is at it again with another hit,
Born Wit It (ft. B.O.B) - Stack Paper Up (zShare)\
thanks Discobelle
the best Swedish Blog on the planet.

Standard Production, SO ME out of Paris, the designer for Ed Banger Records, also Known to DJ on occaision, but mostly makes sweet shirts and videos. as seen above. It is interesting that Kanye employed the same outfit to make his video as did D.A.N.C.E. for Justice.

It sounds like Katie Kean's Birthday party is going to be fun next weekend. I'm sure all the classics will be there. (that means Kevin Featherstone)

Sunday, September 9

nouveau music

ALright let's get a quick sunday night breakdown, here are a couple pics from the weekend, but this post is mainly to inform you all about this guy Calvin Harris;
Calvin Harris-Acceptable in the Eighties

This guy is Very Legit, and I am frankly suprised how long i slept on this, so you too should get up to speed on Calvin as soon as possible, at least before The Mustache Bash Block Party This FRIDAY. 9.14.2007
flier coming soon.

One other musician I would like to tell you about is this chick from France, Yelle, she has some good tracks and is making waves these days
check out her shit


Paris Terror Club...le prendre et le casse

Willy Joy as himself in the backrow
You can't tell me nothin' Kanye!

Midnight Juggernauts - Some nu-rave round sound by way of Australia. I heard about these bloks waiting in line for a mustards last stand red hot, in Champaign of all places.

Thursday, September 6


50 Cent-CURTIS (Tha Album suckas)

Tuesday, September 4

my absolute favorite song from the New Kanye Album

Birdman, can you make this a shirt? think creative, possible all over print, I'll Get on the Phone with J. Kim Junior and see if he has enough red ink.
Too bad it was only released on the Japanese version and most US fans of Kaneazy West won't hear it. well, I can only cry so many tears. Good thing Mr. West wants yall to have it anyways, well enough said, here is the spread

Good Night- Kanye West Featuring Mos Def(Japanese super bonus track!)

and A little something for those who like electronica

James Blunt- 1973 (Pete Tong and Dave Spoon Pure Pacha Remix)

Monday, September 3

our friend Klever the Killer made a hit!