Sunday, December 24

Getting Huge

For another classic sweep off check dis! YOU TOOBIN ME?

Friday, December 22

Stuntin Like My Daddy

My brain has completely turned to mush.
whats in my pipe?
bitch, it's hindu kush.
-Eamonn Casey
Snoop's Spiritual advisor definately rocks Plastic-Man Gear.

Andy was upset they didn't play 'Fergalicious'

Pickle City

Wednesday, December 20

The Chicago Cubs needed a miracle... they got Henry Rowengartner


Wake up in the PM because I know it's so raw, ice so fresh cause I never let it thaw

MP3 HERE right click and save target as
Bone Thugs and Harmony "When the thugs come out"


Tuesday, December 19

Just because you believe something doesn't make it true

Dr. Don Showalter pioneered the world of chemistry...

Just remember...
The pursuit of knowledge and scientific understanding is consistent with the innate human goal of self-preservation...


Monday, December 18


Wednesday, December 13

Thursday night Miami, Friday night Chicago

Alright Chicos and Chicas,

Here is the party lineup. I am currently studying for BLS, however upon completion of this materials there will be an amazing party lineup. FIRST THURSDAY NIGHT, PARTY AT TRIAD apartments, HOT MUSIC WILL BE PLAYED.
it starts at 9:30

SECOND, SATURDAY NIGHT. PARTY DOWNTOWN AT ENCLAVE. (preparty at Frenchtrons tiny apartment at canterbury place. )

THIRD DECEMBER 21, MUSTACHE BASH (swank cocktail party at Blomberg's house mustaches are neccessary if you are a guy. and also wear a freaking tuxedo please and don't dissapoint.)
I'm about to go crazy with old school pics, so just warning you

Sunday, December 10

Unsystematic Ideas


Considering the circumstances involving the mass academia, several fly events were missed this past weekend in my homeboy Rosecrans' hometown... to very much dismay. Check it...

Lil' Wayne and Clipse in the windiest city...

Also, Guns'N'Funkin'Bombs @ Smartbar ft. the WORLD famous DJ Funk (not to mention the likes of his fellow MC's Guns'N'Bombs and Vyle)... they were the truth on Decemeber 7.

Apocalypto. Follow Jaguar Paw through his heroic journey, but don't expect to eat much after.

Get ready for the drop off next Saturday... Chicago will fuckin' pay for showin' us up.

Go 'head an marinate on that...

Palms Out Sounds for an extraordinary Remix Sunday.

"Look i'm the shit / I should walk around with Pampers on me
Caked up / I should walk around with candles on me" -L. Wayne

Friday, December 8

We Make Change$

New piece, this baby was huge right underneath the grimey L tracks. Keepin it real.

Thursday, December 7

It's All Fun and Games untill Somebody Gets Fly

Gotta roll deep especially with the haters in the alley (roast beef)

By the way before you read on. download this and enjoy the some discobelle goodness
DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save target as) thanks d. Belle


1. Technics - I Just Wanna Fuck
2. Tittsworth - Rick James
3. Basement Jaxx - Lollipop
4. Johnny Dangerous - I Beat that Bitch With a Bat
5. Soundmaster T - 2 Much Booty in the Pants (Boom Shakka Remix)
6. Smalltown DJs - Adonis Bends Down
7. The Temptations - Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Cosmo Baker Mix)
8. Sean Paul - Temperature
9. Ludacris - Girls Gone Wild
10. Federation - 18 Dummy
11. Lady Sovereign - Love me or Hate Me (Missy Elliott Remix)
12. Soul of Man - Sukdat
13. Tom Neville - Just Fuck (Sandy W Remix)
14. Twista/Mylo - Overnight Celebrity
15. Sharam - Party All The Time (Tocadisco Remix)
16. INXS - Dream On Black Girl (Muttonheads Remix)
17. Adam Freeland - Heel and Toe (feat. Juice Aleem & Toastie)
18. Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
19. Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix)
20. Secret Weapons - Bumps
21. Bloc Party/Lil Jon - Get Low Helicopter (Robbie Revenge Mashup)

and for one track to give your life a jump start during the dreary days of finals
A CLASSIC REWORKED (z-share, just click the link and follow the directions) thanks

Pusha: "Flow chameleon/ Worth by the million/ Sell the Bolivian/ Feds in oblivion/ Bitch Brazilian/ Purse reptilian/ Took her from off her island like Gilligan"
This is an example of why the Clipse runs stuff these days.

Caliente noches en la calle.
Kelsey and Christina, and myself, loving life. For the rest of these photos check webshots
Andrew/ aka frenchtron 300 loving bowling.

To get things started.
It is thursday and there is a light dusting of snow. bueno.
I found this song on fluokids. it is definitley a potential Techno Hit.
The Whip - Muzzle NO.1 (Shadow dancer Remix)
play at a loud volume preferably during the P.m. hours.
(once again, Right Click, & Save Target As...)
thank you fluokids.

" Soon as you get your heart involved thats where I fall back love, Au Revoir"

(look who's sporting the deep V) holla P. Man


Sunday, December 3

Red is the new Bread (miami socialite edition)

The Newest Name of the Company is as follows: (by clicking this link you will find some good TTC courtesy of Fluokids, the best French blog in the world.

Javy Talking to the DISARONNO
Pic from the after party at Y. Moms casa.

ASH MONEY FELGER's Birthday Bash.
heres the track listing
01.Money Over Bullshit (Prod. LES)
02.You Can't Kill Me (Prod. Salaam Remi)
03.Carry the Tradition (Prod. Scott Storch)
04.Where Are They Now (Prod. Nas & Salaam Remi)
05.Hip-Hop Is Dead (Prod. Will.I.Am)
06.Who Killed It? (Prod. Will.I.Am)
07.Black Republican (Feat. Jay-Z) (Prod. LES)
08.Not Going Back (Feat. Kelis) (Prod. StarGate)
09.Still Dreaming (Feat. Kanye West) (Prod. Kanye West)
10.Hold Down the Block (Prod. Mark Batson)
11.Blunt Ashes (Prod. Chris Webber)
12.Let There Be Light (Feat. Tre Williams) (Prod. Kanye West)
13.Play on Playa (Feat. Snoop Dogg) (Prod. Scott Storch)
14.Can't Forget About You (Feat. Chrisette Michele) (Prod. Will.I.Am)
15.Hustlers (Feat. The Game & Marsha Ambrosius) (Prod. Dr. Dre)
16.Hope (Acapella)
thanks Escobar theory

you can find these photos on webshots HERE
BJ getting sassy during bowling
Christmas celebration. both chose to slick back the hair. Lewis's style was better executed though

Malice and Pusha T
Usage. "was there malice in the action"

"And when I'm gone, I hope it is Said, I gave structure to the youth by the example that I led"
-The Clipse
Puzzle solvin as usual from tha Judge
Some new music for ya
new EPMD
wow andy you must be happy right now.
(right click and save target as)
nuff said
Great American Challenge?

Hot Chip is the shit. Wow I cant get enough for some of you who want to partake, it can be found here for they're landmark track called (Boys from school)
another track (Sexual healing)
Both direct track links.

Ghostface Killah Returns rapidly with More Fish, which you can COP at discobelle
Also at The Smoking Section. yeeahhhh right.

on another note Dipset is muy bueno right now.

Note to Jacob the Jewler: I reserved the Racquetball Court at 9-11 tomarrow if you want to discuss and Play. Bright and Early