Wednesday, May 30

On the Way Up

Just some stuntin at the Triads

The Aladdin

The Heart

The Jim Jones shot

Tuesday, May 29

Busy P has moved along with Rainbow Man

Alright Plastik, this track entitled Rainbow man,

Busy P-Rainbow Man

it is a true hit, and on the rap front, this new song by 50 is included on his new album with good support including dre. etc. anyways here is Straight to the Bank by 50 Cent.

Friday, May 25

Girl of the Week

This post is going to be expanded on in the next day but for now, It is late and after hours of deliberation Plastic-Man has crowned it's first Girl of the Week in 2007. This is an extremely honorary award to be earned, and the stress is not on the short time frame of the award, as it is only a week long, but on the prestige inherently associated with being awarded the title "Girl of the Week". Despite two less than desirable chip selections (one cannot use Tostitos to dip in French onion dip, and for that matter a request for ruffles, should not be fully satisfied when recieving a bag of Lay's instead although they may have gentle waves, they are by no means in the same league as ruffles, who are well known for their "Ridges". These awards are by no means weekly, as we must only give the girl of the week title to those whom have demonstrated above average greatness.

Saturday, May 12

Good Morning You Pieces of Plastic

I know people. You haven't been feeling much of the F-Tron for the past couple of months but Tron-Tron has been swimming in the drama for about two months straight. His emotions were turned on (Check out that song The Boss by Diana Ross). Here are some highlights for you plastic fans of the French man:

Black Cherry Smirnoff, Watermelons and Mexican Borders

When in Nogales get raw and talk to the girls with the slutty pumps.

The Winter Ball: Aftermath

Limited edition poster by yours truly Frenchtron

So you're here. Welcome to Frenctron2007.

Friday, May 11

Sex with Robots in the 80's

Straight out of 1986'


Kavinsky had some issues with the alcohol content of his C.D deck but was able to squeeze some Atlantis to Interzone out of the busted thing.

Surkin respecting the crowd!

Stand up say Ed Banger! Check this mix spun by a talented Manchurian D.J among the robots.
Scott B-Bangerrs and Mashh

Being born in the time, I must say yes to this track. It's about time the decade gets a little recognition. Word to the wise, don't listen to this one too many times or it will haunt both your dreams and nightmares. I mean its a damn catchy one!

Calvin Harris-Acceptable in the 80's
More to come after next weeks Ed Banger Party at Fabric.

Pick up some of these awfully fresh t's by Ed Banger designer So Me at Printed by exclusive japanese label Revolver and are clearly here for a limited time.

Wednesday, May 2

A spoon full of J.U.S.T.I.C.E

Fresh remix, one of many, to Justice track D.A.N.C.E. Minced by French dj Rixe des, and while this is my favorite cut, the rest do justice to the original. Thanks to La New Shit, Balancer cette merde!

Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Plus Move Pirate Remix)

Weng Weng is serving up justice with a mini-iron fist, so recognize.

I call these the U.Keds as everyone and their mum rock these fuckers. This includes D.J. Beergut of the Men in Mask, as well as Camden legend "Rich". I'm not sure how they’ll be received in the states, but with their fine Pakistani craftsmanship and simplistic style, they will be tough not to sport.

Jah-Buck and Ross Boss holding down the helium.