Wednesday, November 29


You wouldn't catch me dead wearing this. I liked the idea but it's good night for this design.

Goldeneye Line

Here is an attempt at the old Klobb have a look. Like some Dick Tracy shit.

Monday, November 20

Guaranteed to make your heart pound through the winter.


Cannon. really.
COBRASNAKE (btw. thanksgiving shirts are in. Ten Cuidado)
The Egg- Walking Away Music Video

Gather Round.. (Yayo Disses Jim Jones on BET?!)
You heard it first. go here for the hottness

lets get down to it.

For the Pop-heads thanks again to Discobelle
here is a track by this group called Lovekevins-Private life of a cat "it’s a flat-out gorgeous pop song" -Martin of Discobelle
This one is for Van Dusen, J.
And for the electronica enthusiasts Fedde Le Grand-Put your hands up for Detroit (tv rock and Dirty south Remix) (i love this city.)BTW... I'm coming home for thanksgiving. and there will be partying and disco dancing. So give me a holla if you want to partake. what's more, I have lost my numbers, my camera and my soul.

And for those of you who just can't get enough...
I'll supply you with this to keep you dancing all thanksgiving LOOONNNNGGGGG
Depeche Mode-Just cant get enough
this depeche mode is one that will put a smile on your face regardless of the situation. so if you need a pick -me -up. download.
thank you Discobelle.
and lastly, a chicago themed Mix series from RADIOZERO> entitled November 17-(right click and save target as.)
tha tracklist is on discobelle but i will humor you.

sufjan stevens - chicago (flosstradamus house edit)
lo-fi-fnk - city
thunderheist - bubblegum
kid sister - damn girl (curtified remix)
the rapture - whoo! alright - yeah… uh huh (simian mobile disco remix)
lil jon & ying yang twins VS freeform five & mylo - get low (tyler fedchuk’s 1/2alive remix)
bonde do role - gasolina (flosstradamus remix)
intoxicated - like you wanna
trillville VS new young pony club - get go on my level (A-trak mix)
the little ones - lovers who uncover
lil wayne - money on my mind (flosstradamus juke edit)
flosstradamus - peanut butta juke
the incredible moses leroy - 1983
rod stewart - young turks
yo majesty - monkey
yung joc - it’s goin down
crass - banned from the roxy
wreckless eric - whole wide world

Sunday, November 19


I want one!

"Alrighty then"
-Ace Venture Pet Detective
Andrew Fence. There has been a new Common song, it's called I have a dream (Right click and Save Target As) Thank you spine mag IT WILL NOT DISSAPOINT also, didn't you introduce me to common? well here is a little present, it's commons album from 92, 2 years before Ressurection.
heres Can I borrow a dollar?

And another one.. "I'm A Dirty Dog" -Pharrell
Here is the uncut XXX rated Lapdance music video by N.E.R.D. the dudes who made skateboarding cool once again.

This one made me laugh so. I had to post it, rules are rules. Lebron is king of cleveland For the new NAS&JAY-Z track with out the freakign gomes brothers yelling all over the track you can click here thanks do discobelle
"I like this song"

and another one...
still trying to cop some bapes but to make things easier. THE clipse album is "vida pura" which translates directly into life pure. but the costa rican's have made it a principle which many of them live by.
BoundlessNY is at it again this time with a limited edition skateboard set very nice and very very custom made.... Frenchtron3030 do you know any new yorkers that can aquire one of these very very pretty deck & poster combos? rumor has it they come with 100 % pure gold trucks...

Friday, November 17

Club Nights is One of the Reasons I Love Life

SO I'm going to sleep now. It's 5:01 in the A.M. and I have had a nice night discussing life with Steven Stade. Sorry to say the pictures will not be up until Stade gives me the hardware. Que Buena Suerte! Seriously I intend to post more deep thoughts, reflections on current events.. ect... although i did freestyle battle some guy outside stadium. Too bad there were no judges, have talk to M. Gold about that one. "I got no nephews or nieces, all my clothing looks like reeses pieces"

It's interesting to see who run's shit here these days.

For a good song , you can click this Thanks to Discobelle again. Tru
The new clipse can be found here. Thanks to the SMOKING SECTION. BEST WEBSITE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB. and because the T-shirt company hasn't kicked off yet. cop a smoking section t (RMF) Respect. My . Fresh.

No quiero Agua, Yo Quiero Bebida. Let me begin.

This week has been of epic proportions, and let me get right to it.

Jay-Z (aka the godfather) has been dissin Jim Jones (aka. my favorite new rapper) and Jay just released a song Brooklyn High (Z-Share) YSI thanks to Still Listen.

heres some of the quotables Thank you

Jim Jones: Personally? It’s a couple feelings. To get Jay-Z to bite the bullet was a hell of a chess game, ‘cause he thinks he’s always playin’ chess. So right now, [I got a] check for his ass, ‘cause he sold for the bait. He said Jim Jones’ name a couple weeks ago on HOT 97, that was his first mistake, nobody ever thought he’d do that – If I’m supposedly not on his level, when he’s supposed to be this rich dude and such this gangsta. [laughs] That was his first mistake. And then he bit the bullet and did the remix to “We Fly High” [titled “Brooklyn High”], which I appreciate. He did two verses, and that registers as BDS, ‘cause it’s over two minutes. [Editor’s Note: BDS is Broadcast System Data, which records the frequency of a song’s play on a radio station] So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna put my verse to it, then we got the official Jim Jones [and] Jay-Z remix. He ain’t even spittin’ right on that joint, so he kinda disappointed me ‘cause I thought he would’ve came harder. But for the people, I’m gonna put my verse on it tonight, so we gonna have the official Jay-Z [and] Jim Jones remix, and I’m gonna have it tomorrow. The BDS is already runnin’, so I appreciate you Jay, givin’ me extra BDS. That’ll probably take me up another thousand spins or something like that.

Next up we got the new clipse cd. This one brings a tear to my eye. actually. I am crying right now. Tears of Happiness. cop this in a quick second and listen to it. I would confidently say that I like this cd very much. I will post the link lata hata.

Wednesday, November 15

Flash yo SHIT!

Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at? Indian Hills, that’s where. I've decided to step it up in the flash game. Click on the images and use the mansion to return to the home page. Expect this integrated work to run the blog in tha near future. MONEY IN DA BANK!

Bart Baker and myself at a Fundajo party
"I've Got Room Keys"

Tuesday, November 14

Pictures have been removed by the request of frenchtron

the final pic. of the album.

These are the pieces that Deva Crouch and myself have been working on lately. Themes being rappers, hot girls and random pictures, from left to right. Note Rick Ro$$. Enjoy.

Monday, November 13

So I got mentioned on the billboard

followed by is a song which is worthy of dancing in a hot non airconditoned room in the summer. By Klever the killer (myspace here). and one more track by Steel lord (myspace) you can cop it here

Jay-Z and Gates Discussing the A.J. and B-eazy's new songs.

To read the article of the highly acclaimed by Plastic-Man, A.J. and B-eazy article on billboard with a quote by me in the article go HERE

New Bloc Party I'm Trying to get my hands on.

Get ready for this shit.

Friday, November 10

Pony Kegs

This little guy induced me to sleep piss on my couch. Yes I have joined the ranks of David Wemple and you know what I am some what pleased. At four AM according to witness Charlie Gokey, I got out of my bed walked to the couch, dropped trou and let it rip. I proceeded to undress for some reason and then went back to bed. I have no recollection of this. But hell, long live the pony keg.

Thursday, November 9

"All I Wanna Do is Ride Around Shining. While I'm shoveling the snow, man call me frosty lover." -The Clipse

New K-Fed, I couldn't resist thanks to Call me Mickey. COP THAT HERE You Send It.

And now for the real music.

FOR this ever so dope mix click here
and follow the instructions, but there is new mickey avalon on the piece.
So as I was doing my morning reading over at Discobelle and I came across this exclusive discobelle mix courtesy of Dj Klever From Atlanta GA. It's so hot it will burn a hole in your ipods for sure. Play it in a hot non-airconditioned room, Loud. on myspace here

the tracklist is below

disco belle intro……(klever)
1. justin timberlake - my love
2. the outfield/dj roctakon - your love
3. egyptian lover - egyptain lover/klever cuts
4. steed lord - dirty mutha fucka
5. spank rock - sweet talk
6. mr.postman - b-more
7. death from above - sexy results (mstrkrft edition)
8. junior senior - shak your coconuts (dfa remixxx)
9. ludacris - roll out
10. trick daddy - drop (low low low)
11. outkast - bombs over bagdad (klever remixxx)
12. she wants revenge vs bone crusher - (klever edit)
13. peaches vs. cadillac don and j-money - hit it hard/peanut butter and jelly (klever edit)
14. micky avalon - waiting to die
15. outkast - so fresh and so clean
16. tweet vs. billy idol - call me (klever remixxx)
(one of the best rap albums of all time no question)

(looks like an frenchtron parking job, it is even a forerunner what?)

While youre at it, check the new Clipse from Still Listen
it's called Ride Around Shining and it is right HERE
nuff said.
Listen to Mr. Postman

Wednesday, November 8

Ice Cream Sneakers, I signed my first skater

The new Gucci December series loafers have been spotted...

The Judge packing grappleberry

nip/tuck party

Now peep the artwork from the box they came in... "intriguing"

A.) These kicks are the new Rolland Berry's for more info visit
I am obviously a big supporter, however my opinion is fairly biased due to my ownership of a pair. to wrap this section up I think the man does good work.. I'm in talks with Mr. Berry and hopefully will have an interview with the man sometime soon.

A V.2) Next order of business is to drop my new hot song of the moment. I discovered it while reading my go to blog for french influence FLUOKIDS or for those of you who dont know how to compute. They posted this track by Donnie Sloan-entitled Call you up! "RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE TARGET AS"
and I can't stop playing this shit. I don't know why but if I could have a soundtrack to my life.... well let's just say that would be awesome. I would definitley like to have a soundtrack playing all the time where the songs reflect my mood at the time.
And to wrap this shit up as Chapelle would say, I want to comment on fluokids new concept called "fluokids girl of the week" Its obviously brilliant and they are geniouses for thinking of it first.. let that be said.

P.s. I am issuing a money back guarentee on this song so if you don't like it than you get your money back.
Thank you Ace Ventura..

B. ) I was listening to skateboard P, aka Pharrell and I realized that the song "can I have it like that" has excellent lyrics "Little skateboard, he too grown, riding up and down collins with that new two-tone"... wow. "while I'm on my boat party trying to sunseeek" possibly best gwen stephani song. notice I'm not even capitalizing her name..... nuff said.

Speaking of Pharrell, the young man is releasing a skateboard video. you see these ice creams,
to peep that shhhiizzzz you can click clack here

C.) I was watching Bet today with my homeboy Jacob and saw this music video come on. called dangerous with Ying Yang, and Wyclef, you can hear it right heeeerreee
however. both Mr. Steinle and myself thought the song was especially weak and this is
OUR FIRST OFFICIAL PLASTIC-MAN HATING.. thats right were hating on "Dangerous" by Ying Yang Twins and Wyclef. "if you don't know, now you know"