Thursday, October 25

Digitalism was dreamy and electronic

So Brandon Wexler, Jacob and I went to Digitalism last friday, it was great here is a video and a picture of Wex and one of the cats from Digitalism . oh yeah and the signature room was amazing.

Sunday, October 14

Thursday, October 11

New Jay-Z too hot for your ipod

Here is de new Jay-Z Track entitled Roc Boys
Jay-Z: Roc Boys (and the winner is)

download your upload.

Sunday, October 7


I have some good listening for you everybody both the haters and the homeboys

The Haters

The Homeboys

The Singles

Dude n' Nem-Watch MY feet (Jeansborn Remix)
Cassie-Turn the lights off
Jackson 5 vs. Daft Punk-I want your digital Love (Ben Double M)

Friday, October 5

Check out the new Pacha Ibiza jpe

Back To Basics Coming Soon to CJ's and Both Floors will be open!

Wednesday, October 3

Big Time Music Post

New Nas Cover Artwork. Much Discussed, I like it.

Chicago's Favorite Cool Kids, what you know about that? well here's a just released Song Black Mags. maybe that's what they're talking about. what?
as for the other tracks, the First one is cashville. the second is a little more sensitive
T.I. And Young Dro-I'm Coming Out (Empire Records Remix)
Wyclef Jean Feat. Paul Simon-Fast Car
The Cool Kids-Black Mags

Tuesday, October 2

The Windy

thanks to DISCOBELLE the world greatest Swedish Blog.
Steel Lord-Dirty Mutha (Dj Mehdi Remix)
N.O.R.E.-Call to Heaven (Phone call to Big PUN)
Things are getting pretty crazy in the career search game. I just needed a little outlet. so here it goes. Everybody is hustling and it seems like things are getting pretty cutthroat in here. Some advice i was given by a mentor which resonates lately is that all of your best friends will be competing for the same jobs as you. I am realizing this now more than ever.

This new track should brighten your day or at least make you smile a little bit
Bangers and Cash-Bitch